• Nursery provided for all services

• Sunday School for k-12 9:30

• Bible Fellowship Groups 9:30 & 11:00 Every Sunday

• Salvation Station – Grades k-3 Wednesdays at 7

• 4-6 grades Life Skills & Discipleship

  • Boys Group
  • Girls Group

Student Ministries – Grades 7-12 Wednesdays at 7:00

Student Ministries – The Student Ministries of Calvary Baptist Church exist primarily for four reasons:

1. To serve as an extension of the Christian home.
Since God has given parents the responsibility of evangelizing and discipling their own children, we simply want to help parents meet that divine objective, while helping young people to understand the importance of obedience and submission to biblical authority.

2. To equip and prepare students for spiritual battle.
When confronted with temptation our Lord used the Word of God to defeat his enemy. Our goal is to equip each generation with the skillful use of scripture that they may be able to stand strong and shine bright in a generation lost in darkness.

3. To help students find God’s will and do it.
We want to see a generation of Kingdom seekers who say with their lives “not my will but thine.” There is nothing more disappointing than wasting your life in sin and selfishness, and there is nothing more rewarding than living God’s call.

4. To reach students within the community that do not know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

OASIS Adult Prayer and Bible Study

Oasis – Wednesdays, 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary.

Our weeks can seem pretty tough at times. Oasis is about coming together in the middle of the week and providing a place to relax, learn about Jesus, and bear each others burdens.